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Michael Mangelsdorf

Hello! This is my programming page.
Just a place for a little info about myself in that respect, and a few links. Here are the first couple of them:
Phos (A windows console component)
Targa (Retrieve OpenGL textures)
Outdated ColorForth tutorial

  This is me about to eat a cake.

What follows is probably really boring or unintelligible
if you got here unsuspectingly.
My Picwok page is a possible way out.

If you're a bit of a techie, hear me out though. My active interest in computer programming goes back to the golden age of microcomputers.

The first interesting program I've written was a device driver for the Apple II for serial communication via its joystick port and sector-level disk-IO. This was improvised over an afternoon, essentially to interface the Apple to an IBM PC and salvage my floppy collection.

I like programming in ANSI C, but I've used other languages, including assembly language, for non-trivial tasks. I'm reasonably fluent with Unix command line tools and HTML and CSS markup for example. I have some experience programming OpenGL applications and shaders (version 3). My projects include dynamic websites using Perl and the Mojo framework, and one in Rails.

I've developed an 8-bit microcontroller called Myth and built it in discrete CMOS logic using KiCad. There is an assembler for it written in C, and a working Quartus II Verilog implementation for the Terasic DE1-SOC board. All project files are on my GitHub page.

Then there's another microcontroller I did earlier, with 16-bit architecture for the same board (Cyclone V FPGA). Apart from the core, for it I've written VGA and PS/2 drivers in Verilog, and a native assembler with a little operating system around a Forth interpreter. The assembler assembles itself which was cool.

Here's the download (~500MB). It includes my GUI simulators for this controller for Android, macOS and Windows as well as developer tools I've written for it over time. There's a little description of it, too.

My interest recently led me to receive a bachelor's degree in Mathematics. My work background includes an in-house job doing database maintenance and extracting marketing targets in SQL on a customer database of over 1 million entries.

If you need help with a project or would like to collaborate, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm friendly and accustomed to intercultural settings. On the professional side, I am an experienced freelance translator, and I also edit photographic prints I make.

You can get in touch in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. I love those languages and spent a lot of time in their respective cultural space.